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Susie Murray is a
professional organizer
who caters to those who need and want
more order in their lives.  She has more than 30 years experience dealing with people from all over the world.
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Susie Murray & Associates, Inc - Let's Get Organized Together!

Do you have a 'pile it' system instead of a 'file it' system?
Do you mutter because of your clutter?
Do you want to get organized and everything is in such
   chaos you don't know where to start?

Our homes and offices, the outward manifestations of our lives, are reflections of our inner states. When we create order in one, we will create order in the other. If we allow chaos to reign in our surroundings, our minds cannot work in an orderly way. When we take time to prioritize, we can live and work in alignment with our goals, and create order both inside and out.

Office after and before photos

The world may not always seem to work in an orderly fashion, but we know that the Universe has its own order and harmony. So we can choose to work with the universal flow as we go about our tasks, harnessing the energy available to us to flow easily toward our goals. Today we can feel good about all that we accomplish, leaving us the space to assist others who depend on our reliability.  

"Who would have thought you could have fun organizing! Well you can with Susie Murray! Her effciency and tenacity to tackle the toughest of jobs, along with her ever present smile and humor, will make your organizing experience as painless as possible. The time and freedom, you will gain from not having to "look for stuff" any more, is invaluable."  ~ JoAnn Matthews , Houston, TX   more testimonials

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