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"Progress starts with the truth." 
~ Mark Twain
Susie Murray & Associates, Inc - Let's Get Organized Together!


Read what our satisfied clients say about us:

"Susie has saved my time and my life, and has earned my respect and my friendship. When I get buried under mounds of paper work, I call... "Susie, Please Help"!!! She saves me, organizes me and makes things easier. It's not just filing, we have worked on organizing taxes to taking care of my parent's estate. Could not recommend anyone higher than Susie Murray." ~ Vickie Wells, Houston, TX

"Susie worked very hard with me to get my master suite (including three large closets) uncluttered. I loved it and loved my bedroom after she finished. When I bought my current house I hired her to help me organize my kitchen. The end result was exactly what I wanted in a quick amount of time. I can't say enough about what a wonderful job she did each time. I would hire her again anytime, and I recommend her services to anyone thinking about hiring her." ~ Linda Satterwhite, Houston, TX

"When I first called you, I was very embarrassed and ashamed that I needed help. But you were soooooo understanding and soooooo non-judgmental!   And you are very easy to work with! I could not have done all the necessary purging without your assistance! My parents visited a couple of weeks ago and my house looked great. It’s all due to you! And the greatest gift you have given me is the new mindset where I continue to purge things. I am a new woman!"  ~ Rhonda Vaughn, Houston, TX

"Susie is like a warm blanket that comes in and makes sense of clutter.  She has an eye for order, what you need and what you don't and, within hours, turns stress into calm." ~ Helen Perry, Corporate & Personal Image Consultant, Houston, TX

“Susie took the task  of organizing my office from overwhelming to completed in just a few hours. I am still using the systems that she put in place for me to stay organized.” ~ Gail Bitterman Carey, Houston, TX

“Having Susie visit is like being hit by some kind of reverse tornado.  She
whirls through your cluttered mess and leaves order in her wake.  Stacks
and piles of paper magically disappear into orderly storage
you didn't even know you had.  Now I can find documents when I need them and I never have to look at them when I don't.” ~ Mark Sullivan, Houston, TX

“Working with Susie was not just fast and efficient but fun. She has great ideas on organizing and keeps you going.” ~ Carolina Gonzalez, Houston, TX

“Susie is a tremendous help to me.  I have  ADD, and she really helps me to focus and get the job done.  Don't worry about how messy your place, desk, etc., is, cuz Susie loves disasters like mine, and will be a great asset to you.”  ~ Miriam Dell O'lilo, Galveston, TX

“Susie helped us organize our kitchen. We can now quickly and easily find the things we use regularly. It's amazing how simple and effective her design is. She also did a great job in helping us decorate the kitchen - a little new paint, and a lot of new life.” ~ Tom Colucci, Colucci-Corrigan Associates, Albuquerque, NM


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